Thursday, July 12, 2012

animal madhouse

Holly and Sammy

My tiny little house has gone a tad topsey-turvey with the arrival of the puppies, Holly and Sammy (both female; named after similar looking dogs I had as a child). I took the puppies to the vet this morning for their first round of shots and a fecal test - of course they have worms, and Sammy has some hella filthy ear junk, but in general they're healthy. They are also eating and drinking like little fiends, resulting in mad amounts of puppy pee and poop. Why couldn't they have come house broken?? Sigh. I've got them (and Mochi) baby-gated into my bedroom and the kitchen (sounds odd, but if you know the layout of my house it makes sense), and they seem to be following Mochi's lead and peeing on the pee pads in the kitchen. Most of the time. I want to give their shots some time to kick in before I start taking them out onto the parvolicious south Georgia ground. In the interim... scented candles, baby, scented candles.

Velvet, Mama Cat's only daughter, is getting spayed tomorrow! I can't believe she is already old enough. And no worries - she won't have the potential of doing like her mama and slicing my face open; she refuses to go anywhere near the dogs, and is happily hanging in the living room. The funny thing is, Charlie - who barely reacted at all to the arrival of two puppies in her home - is completely freaked out by Velvet. She had been hopping back and forth over the baby gates at will, although since Velvet's arrival, she's been hiding in my bedroom with the puppies.

And since I love Florence + the Machine, here's a compilation video of some of the dogs and cats in my life this summer, set to Dog Days Are Over. Enjoy!

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