Sunday, July 15, 2012

one down, one to go

Holly, the little brown puppy, was adopted this afternoon, and fingers are crossed that it all works out. This just leaves little Sammy to find a home before I move to Orlando in 17 days. The kitties, of course, need to be adopted, too, but at least they have a decent place to go when I leave. Our land is set up for kitties, not puppies, and mom's house has too many dogs to add yet another. Anyway, I put this video together last night, while Holly was still at my house. It's set to music by The Gossip. I figured the lyrics when you left me my heart done stopped were appropriate for animals, all of whom had been abandoned.

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Anonymous said...

Mochi is a very good sport about puppies. You are totally my hero for taking care of these guys.