Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not much going on...

I have a sneaking suspicion that when the company in Seoul said, "We'll let you know by next Friday at the latest" that what they really meant was "We'll let you know on next Friday." So far, I know nothing either way.

I spent the weekend cleaning my house and shopping for stylish rain boots. The house is a mess again, and the only stylish rain boots I found were not in my size. In addition to not finding rain boots, I discovered that someone had bought all of the Premium Royal catfood (other than the 'special hairball formula' variety) from the only store in my neighborhood that sells it. Charlie is a tad cranky.

One of my coworkers (I don't know who, but they deserve a smack) allowed Personal Shield Pro to get installed on the work computer we all share. It's a fake anti-virus program that in reality is actually a virus. It won't let you do pretty much anything (well, it will allow you to submit your credit card number, if you were foolish enough to fall for it), and the damn thing is clever enough to prevent me from accessing/installing/running anything that might remove it. And sadly, the version we got seems to be newer than the one discussed here, as the instructions for removal don't work. There is talk of reformatting the harddrive.

I am mostly annoyed about this virus nonsense because I had typed up a fantastic summary of all my classes for my soon-to-arrive replacement. It included information on each class, such as grade, textbook, the kinds of activities that specific classes like/dislike, the students who get good/bad grades, the well-behaved kids and the discipline problems... And yes, that's saved on the shared computer. Grrrrrr.

And now for something a little more amusing - the cover of one of the new textbooks the Korean teachers at my school are using. The series is called Button Up, but there's just a little too much space between the t and the o. Every time I look at it, my brain reads butt on up.


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