Monday, July 25, 2011

dinner with my new coworkers


These young fellas are two of my new coworkers (they look much different - and much younger - in casual clothes than in the suits they were wearing when I met them during the interview). They took me out to dinner last night. We had galbi at a nice restaurant, followed by ice cream outside of a convenience store - very Korean all around :-)

At times the conversation was a little awkward and stilted - after all, what do two Korean men in their twenties have to say to an American woman in her thirties? But they were quite nice and dinner was pleasant. This was my favorite episode:

Coworker: What kind of places for tourists are there in Ukraine?
Me: Well, my friends and I are planning on going to Chernobyl.*
Coworker: Chernobyl?! Isn't that dangerous?
Me: Meh. A little.
Coworker: Do you have to wear special radiation suits?
Me: No.
Coworker: Why don't you just go to Fukushima? The plane ticket would be cheaper.

*The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone was recently closed to tourists. Not too clear on the reasons for the closure, but there is hope that it will be reopened in August - or if not, it is entirely possible that bribery shall suffice to open the gates.


Eve said...

HAHA! That advice is priceless. The plane ticket would be cheaper. :)

Anonymity said...

And of course, my response was that I would totally go to Fukushima except that no one is allowed in other than cleanup workers...