Friday, July 8, 2011

And by "Friday" what we meant was "Tuesday"

This. Is. So. Frustrating. I leave Korea in 23 days; I need start packing and arranging an apartment for September - and doing those things will be vastly different processes depending on if I'll be moving to Seoul or Eastern Ukraine. And I STILL DON'T KNOW.

I had been told that I would receive a decision by "Friday, July 8th at the latest." All day today I kept checking my email every chance I got, growing more and more nervous as the day went on. There's something just so stressful about not knowing. Or about knowing that your future is being decided in a boardroom hundreds of miles away.

I didn't receive a message until I got home from work (sent at 9:15pm), which meant I was feeling stressed all day. Here it is:

We promised to give you an answer by today, but, since there is a small discordance between [...] executives regarding your pay grade.

I feel very sorry, but, would you mind if I give you a final answer by next Tuesday, 12th July.?
If there is any concern about this, please kindly let us know it.

I am so sorry once again.

It seems rather like the people who have been communicating with me (and who were also the ones who interviewed me) made me a salary offer without clearing it with the people in charge. Gah!


John from Daejeon said...

Good luck, but I'd be a bit leary of this place. Plus, what happens if you are too good at your job and fix everything rather quickly. Would you be let go after just a few months?

Anyway, here are some unique wedding pics that might interest you (they are better than pretty good) as a shutterbug:

Anonymity said...

haha, well, they're a lot less sketchy than my Ukraine option. seriously. If they do hire me, it would be for a 6 month trial term to see if having me there on a longer basis would work out. The salary amount I was offered (which apparently wasn't cleared by those in charge) was enough to DEFINITELY make a 6 month stint in Seoul worthwhile. But with the cost of living in Seoul, less than that and I might as well go to Ukraine. I just wish they'd make a decision.

Also, the link you sent won't open...

John from Daejeon said...

His website is down. He took some very unique wedding pictures of a popular NFL quarterback that caused a surge in traffic to his photography website. If you can ever get to his website, the pictures there are truly remarkable.