Thursday, September 1, 2011

Travel Woes

I just finished up my two week stint in the US (I'll be blogging about that when I get the chance). I was supposed to be on my way to Seoul right now, but instead I'm stuck in Charlotte, NC, where my two hour layover has extended to ten hours due to mechanical problems with the engine of the airplane. I suppose I should be grateful that they noticed something was wrong *before* we took off, but one can't help being really annoyed by the delay.

I was supposed to transfer here in Charlotte, then again in San Francisco, then on from San Fran to Seoul. Initially, once I realized that there was a good chance I'd miss my connection, I'd hoped that I'd be put up in San Fran, meaning I could visit with my good friends M & A. Alas, instead they've re-routed me through Los Angeles, meaning LAX: world's worst airport. And instead of getting into Seoul at 6pm on Saturday, I now get in at 5am on Sunday. None of this bodes well for my first day of work on Tuesday, especially as I have to pop down to Daegu right away to reclaim my cat. (Can't really put that off until the weekend, as the person who has been pet-sitting will be traveling over the four day Chuseok weekend.... but speaking of, I am already desperately looking forward to Chuseok - I plan on doing nothing but sleeping!)

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