Friday, September 23, 2011

No, really. I'm just small.

I'm a pretty small person. The last time I weighed myself (last month when I was in the US visiting my mom; I don't own a scale) I weighed 102lbs (46kg). I don't eat much; my stomach's pretty small.

At work, we pretty much eat together as a department every day. Mostly we eat Korean food, although we've also had Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese. (In the three weeks I've been at this job we've yet to eat anywhere more than once!) I normally eat about 2/3 of whatever food I've ordered. This is - as I've told my coworkers repeatedly - because I don't eat much. I stop eating when I'm full.

Apparently they didn't believe me.

Today we went to an Italian restaurant. It turned out to have been a test to see whether or not I would eat my entire portion when eating food that I'm more accustomed to. Or something. (Seriously: It's trip #5. I'm pretty damn accustomed to Korean food!) Anyhow, at about the 2/3 mark, when I pushed away my plate, there was an immediate response of "Wow!" and "You didn't finish your meal here either!" and "You really *don't* eat a lot!" Apparently they were all really worried that I was just being polite and suffering through meals I didn't like, despite my assurances that the various Korean/Chinese/Japanese/Vietnamese dishes were quite tasty and I was merely full. They'd wanted to take me somewhere where I'd be comfortable eating.

My coworkers are awesome.


G said...

That's very nice (and sneaky!) of them.

I'm also a 2/3 portion eater. And I never eat fried cream cheese donuts. Why don't I weigh 102 pounds?


Anonymity said...

I swear the PB across from your school must put crack in their cream cheese donuts... the ones up here just don't do it for me.