Saturday, June 30, 2012

healin' up and heatin' up


The cat mutilation of my face has healed up quite nicely - with makeup and lipstick on you can hardly see it at all. It's a bit more noticeable without makeup and lipstick (inset). Unfortunately, given the temperature (see below) I'm pretty much sweating off makeup the instant I go outside, so I'm looking a bit more like the inset than the photo above. Still, it seems pretty unlikely that I'll get to go through the rest of my life shocking people with tales of how I got knifed in a bar fight. Or of how my face got slashed open by a cat while I slept.


Robert Lloyd said...

Lookin' good, Cat Lady!

Fred Kilgallin said...

Excellent news! Just what I was hoping for. Over time it will fade even more, so that only a very,um, let us say select few will get close enough to notice it or even see it. Splendid!