Monday, January 2, 2012

The Water Eating Hippo

Wanna know how to gross your coworkers out? Threaten to show them pictures of the mold you found behind your bed right before your lunch arrives. Then remark "It kind of looked like 짜장면" just seconds before the waitress delivers a steaming plate of 짜장면 (noodles in a black bean sauce) to your table.

For dealing with the nasty mold problem, my friend G suggested 물먹는 하마 ("water eating hippo" - although the website's English version translates it as "thirsty hippo" which is nowhere near as amusing). The water eating hippo is a dehumidifier made of calcium chloride. Not sure if it really works, but I've got one in each corner and one behind the bookshelf. Additionally, my coworkers told me that I should either have the water eating hippo, or scrub my walls behind my furniture at least once a week. (!!!) They said this nonchalantly and with an attitude of, "Why don't you know this?" - seriously, I never had this problem in Daegu. Or anywhere else for that matter.

In addition to the water eating hippo, I bought his girlfriend, the smell eating hippo, which is a kickass air freshener. If I'd known about it earlier, I would've bought one to put atop Charlie's litter box. 

Left - Water Eating Hippo
Right - Smell Eating Hippo

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