Sunday, January 22, 2012

Seolnal, a coughing dog, and natural vetting

Today is the first day of Seolnal, the three-day Korean lunar new year celebration, ushering in the Year of the Black Dragon. Now, in Korea, people don't get much (if any) time off other than national holidays - and pretty much everything shuts down for the two big holidays of the year - Chuseok (in the fall) and Seolnal. Almost everything closes or operates on a super limited schedule. It also means that I had a 5 day weekend - thank the gods.

This morning, I was awakened to Mochi coughing. A lot. It scared the shit out of me, let me tell you... and the fact that it's both Sunday AND the start of Seolnal meant that if he were sick, finding an open vet clinic was going to be next to impossible. When I got him, he was taking meds for a cough. He didn't cough at all while he was on them, but I've since finished the course of meds. This being Korea, the meds weren't labeled as to what they were; I'm guessing they were a cough suppressant. Having come from a shelter, I'm betting he picked up kennel cough.

He still has a good appetite, normal bowel movements, and nice pink gums - but waking up to the cough freaked me out. I spent a good bit of time researching natural/home remedies for kennel cough, and the two most commonly mentioned options were steam and honey. Vitamin C was also recommended.

Ever since the scary mold, I've been trying to keep this place as dry as possible... until today. I opened the bathroom door and ran the shower, getting the place nice and steamy (and earning a look or three of disgust from Charlie). I went to my corner store to look for honey. All I found was Korean honey/citron tea - basically a honey/orange marmalade that you mix with water. Super yummy, btw. Mochi wasn't too interested in a spoonful of the stuff, but he ate it with no problem when mixed with his food.

And whaddyaknow. He's coughed a little bit here and there since, but he seems to be doing ok. *Whew* - although we'll be going to the vet as soon as one opens.


Anonymous said...

last time i heard a vet talk about kennel cough they prescribed robitussin dm (dm for "dog medicine") for the cough, in addition to steroids and antibiotics. not sure if robitussin is available in seoul, but it seems to work.

Anonymity said...

His cough has almost completely gone away already - I think he just had some gunk in there he needed to hack out :-)