Thursday, January 19, 2012

International Dog Lady of Mystery?

I didn't mean to get a dog. I didn't plan to get a dog. But then I saw a rescue alert - a dog had been pulled from a high-kill shelter, where his time was up. The foster family that took him home already had a dog, and that dog attacked him. They couldn't keep him. If they returned him to the shelter he'd be euthanized; they needed to find another foster family ASAP.

A picture was posted. He was an absurdly funny looking dog with funky ears and an underbite and turned out feet. Totally different colors from Koala, but very similar features. And the dog was currently in Hongdae, my corner of the absurdly big city that is Seoul. I immediately messaged to say that as long as he was good with cats I'd foster him until an adoption could be arranged, or until my flight home in March - whichever came first. Foster. As in temporarily.

48 hours later and I was on the phone with Delta and Korean Air arranging doggy travel. (Don't even get me started on the nightmare that was...)

Mochi gets along with Charlie, although he's intimidated by her. Charlie, in contrast, was furious at first at the interloper in HER house. She's since gotten over that - the two of them were waiting for me at the door tonight when I came home from work.

Mochi's a timid little guy. He cringes when I pet him or if I make a sudden movement. He's shy. But super sweet. And super cute. And paper trained. He took to it like a cat takes to a litter box. This is good, considering that he is terrified of the outdoors. Definitely something we'll have to work on.

"You brought WHAT into my house?"

"Is that a CAT?"




Time for bed!


Foreigner Joy said...

I like the "What is that?" photo of Charlie

Anonymity said...

I *promise* Charlie is not actually as fat as she looks in that photo!