Saturday, May 14, 2011

starting a new blog

I've had several blogs over the years. I posted at the longest running one for over five years, and had a pretty decent following. Back when I started that blog, I was completely unconcerned about privacy issues, and was completely honest about who I was. I had nothing to hide, so why hide my identity, right?

That was before I developed a couple of stalkers (literally - including people jumping out of my bushes, threats against me and my family, calls to the police, restraining orders, etc; more details here) who regularly visited my blog to see what I was up to. Knowing that these individuals were monitoring my activities made blogging substantially less enjoyable. My posts, which once had numbered a minimum of one a day, became few and far between. The few posts that I did write consisted of a lot of photographs, but few words. Additionally, it seems that these people have been googling my name... a couple of months ago they found (and made a rather nasty comment on) a post I submitted to someone else's blog - a post which they could only have discovered by googling my name and scrolling through six pages of results. It's been over a year since I got the restraining order; these people are persistant.

And so I stopped blogging. I made an announcement on my (now former) blog that it was finished, and that there would be no posts. It's been about a month since I closed shop on my old blog, and I've found myself missing it. Additionally, I've since done a couple things that I really wanted to blog about... as such, I've decided to start an anonymous blog. I'm not going to use any real names here (those of you who know who I am, don't use my name in comments, please!), but I am going to do my best to get back into enjoying blogging the way I did before the crazy people entered my life.

Here's to a life (and a blog) without any crazies


Anonymous said...

How unpleasant for you, Anonymity; and (as we say down here), good on you for restarting!

Eve said...

I've received threats on my blog before, too. I've been attempting to make myself more anonymous (removing my last name from blog and twitter, etc.) glad to find your new blog!