Saturday, May 14, 2011

the joy of cloth pads

I'd been thinking for a long time about making the switch to cloth menstrual pads simply to help the environment, but it wasn't until recently that I made the switch. I currently live in South Korea, where disposable pads are easy to find and purchase here, but unfortunately most of them seem to be scented, and my body finds the chemicals used for the scents... irritating, shall we say. After months of misery, I made the plunge and ordered some cloth pads from Crea8tiveMama who sells handmade cloth pads on Etsy. Here's an example of what they look like:


I wasn't entirely sure what to expect: Would they be uncomfortable? Gross? Well, it turns out that they are incredibly comfortable. It really didn't feel like I was wearing a pad at all, and the flannel fabric was much kinder to my body than even unscented disposable pads. Compared to the scented disposables, these were heavenly. Additionally, there was no leakage at all.

The one thing that might be considered a little gross by some people, is that the best way to care for these is to soak them in cold water immediately after taking them off. This means that when you come back a few hours later you have a cold bucket of bloody water to dispose of. I washed the pre-soaked pads in with my regular laundry, and they came through just fine. The staining is surprisingly minor (and it's not like whether or not they get stained is an issue, considering).

Additionally, I haven't yet been in a position where I've had to change pads while not at my house, which is good as I haven't figured out what exactly one does with a soiled pad when you can't throw it in the trash and when there isn't a bucket of water waiting to soak it in. I'll let you know when I figure this out!


Anonymous said...

Aren't they wonderful? I love them! You can buy small cute reusable PUL lined bags with zippers from Etsy for easy transport when you're on the run. You could also use a ziplock bag, of course. Or a little make up bag. Or in many cases you can snap them inside out and they are self contained. I never knew I could LOVE pads. :)

Also, regarding washing them. I found letting them soak to be disgusting so I don't do it anymore. If I need to prewash them I do so in the tub while I'm showering. Often I don't prewash because they are still clean because I've also started using a generic Diva Cup, which is amazing as well.

Anonymity said...

It's a little insane, because now I look forward to my period! I'm a little concerned about my vacation in Ukraine, as I'll be in a homestay - can't very well be soaking pads in their bathroom! I may just use birth control to skip my period during august...