Tuesday, May 17, 2011

spay day!

I took Charlie to the vet this morning to get spayed. Somehow - with that sixth sense pets have - she must've known we were going to the vet. Instead of sitting in my lap, purring, while I drank my morning coffee, she hid under the bed. In the end I had to chase her out from under the bed with a broom. I felt absolutely terrible about having to do so. When I brought her home from the vet, she ran under the bed and hid. She was still hiding under the bed glaring at me when I got home for work, but as I was typing this, she came out and sat my my feet for a little while. I think I've been forgiven :-)

While Charlie was at the vet (on the 4th floor of Lotte Plaza in Yulha-dong), I decided that if she could undergo major surgery, I could buck up and go get my teeth cleaned. And as there is a dentist located on the 3rd floor of Lotte Plaza, it seemed like a good idea. I've had a bit of a dentist phobia for years following a bad dental experience in the US, and it's taken me a while to work up the nerve to go. But I'm glad I went. I got my teeth cleaned, two cavities detected (boo - I'll get them fixed next month), and had the abraded enamel on my front teeth patched.

Between the vet and the dentist, it was an expensive morning - but worth it all around, I think!

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