Monday, May 16, 2011

international cat in heat

One can't very well be an international cat lady without a cat. Those of you who have followed me here from facebook are already familiar with my four-legged travelling companion, but for those newcomers, here she is:


Her name is Charlie (even though she's a girl), because with that 'stache she looks like Charlie Chaplin. Or Hitler, but no one wants to name their cat Adolf.

Charlie is scheduled to be spayed tomorrow morning, and just in time, too. She has entered her second heat, and is absolutely miserable... wandering around my house yowling non-stop. Additionally, my normally exceptionally well-behaved cat has taken to demolishing things and using the bathroom places other than her litterbox. I've dealt with enough cats over the years to know that this misbehavior is merely a symptom of her fluxuating hormones, but it doesn't make it any less unpleasant for either of us. (I simply cannot understand people who own cats and do not get them spayed. Aside from the huge issue of animal overpopulation, who wants a suffering, cranky, hormonal, misbehaving cat to appear every few weeks?)

This morning, I was awakened not just to Charlie's in-heat-cries, but to responding meows coming from outside the front door. My little hussy was flirting! Granted, the object of her affections was more interested in the bag of trash I'd set out last night, but still!

Charlie's boyfriend. Or maybe girlfriend.

Charlie, watching the orange cat.

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