Thursday, October 20, 2011

[insert profanity here]

Some things just suck. And this is one of them. Remember my mom's cat, Cylon? I wrote about him here. He's the one that some redneck asshole shot with a .22 back in May, fracturing the hell out of his pelvis and one of his back legs. And yet miraculously, he recovered. Not completely, he limped, he couldn't put all of his weight on his back end like a normal cat, and he couldn't move as fast as he once had... but he was mobile. Playful. Started going in and out the cat window.

After his injury, Cylon was relocated from my mom's land to her house. She lives on a narrow, low-traffic road, with a speed limit of about 25 or 30mph.

And some motherfucker ran him over. Right in front of my mom's house. Not far from a stop-sign, so whether coming or going, whoever did it couldn't have been going very fast. I cannot imagine how it could have been accidental.

People suck.

We'll miss you, Cy.
You were a sweetheart, and quite a character.





While recovering from being shot, he spent several months in a cage.

Once recovered, he couldn't put weight on his right rear leg.


Burndog said...

Another reason why I trust cats more than humans! I'm sorry for your loss.

John from Daejeon said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, but I just read about those pieces of "insert a hell of a lot of profanity here" in China who watched a little girl get run over twice and left her to suffer in the street (see the story here.
I can't even begin to understand what possesses these sub humans.

Anonymity said...

Ugh. I really don't understand how people can behave like that :-(

Foreigner Joy said...

What a beauty! So sad