Sunday, October 2, 2011

Can we *not* call it a phone?

I don't like phones. I hate calling people. I hate answering the phone. I try my best to avoid using them at all costs. Computers, now... I love computers. I love tech gadgets. And I totally love my new hand-held miniature computer. Okay, so perhaps in the parlance of our times these wonderful things are called "smartphones" but I'd rather call it a miniature hand-held computer. Or a tricorder. Or anything other than a phone.

The school where I worked when I lived in Daegu supplied me with a phone. (It was a regular cell phone, not a smartphone.) I had to pay the monthly payments on it, but I wasn't responsible for getting it or anything. The fellow who took my place when I left Daegu also inherited "my" phone. Now that I'm up here in Seoul, I have to be responsible for everyday mundane shit like cell phones and rent and whatnot. Unfortunately, so many things here in Korea - including getting a phone and opening a bank account - require one to have one's Alien Registration Card. Mine took three and a half weeks to arrive. The next day, one of my coworkers took me to a nearby phone shop and hooked me up.

Anyway, I got an Android - a Samsung Galaxy SII in a glittery lime green case - and it's really quite amazing. I'm already wondering how I existed without one. I was able to choose my own last four digits - so I chose my two "lucky" two digit numbers. And wouldn't you know my "unlucky" number is part of the first part of the number. Ahh well. Yin and yang or something. So, without further ado:




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Megan Case said...

Nice! I also hate making phone calls and love my Android (an HTC Desire HD). You can call it a mobile device rather than a smartphone. :-)