Wednesday, June 22, 2011

prepping for an interview

I could do an interview for an ESL position blindfolded and standing on my head. Granted, my potential employer might wonder what the hell was wrong with me for being interviewed in such a manner, but I'd totally ace the interview anyway.

I have had quite a few annoying American business interviews over the years where they ask those obnoxious bullshit questions along the lines of "What is your greatest weakness?" and (my favorite), "What would your harshest critic have to say about you?" (I've only been asked that one once, and I answered with a stellar "Ummmm...." and amazingly got that job nonetheless.)

However, I have no idea what to expect from a business interview in Seoul. I guess I'll find out.

Of course, it occurred to me that as they probably don't know what to expect from me, either. NCIS and Criminal Minds are pretty popular in Korea nowadays, so they might expect a tech-savvy American female to be something like this:


They wouldn't be so off the mark... although that's probably not the image I should portray on our first meeting :-)

Of course, given the reputation that native speaking English teachers in Korea, they might be concerned that I'll be more along the lines of this:


My current workplace has a business-casual dress code. Luckily, I did bring one business skirt and blazer with me... Of course, Korean women's fashion tends to look more like this or this than a black power suit. I went on a search for businesswomen's apparel this weekend that might look a tad more Korean, but everything I found was incredibly cutesy, containing at least one of the following: lace, ruffles, poofy sleeves, ribbons, and/or permanently attached tacky brooches. Sorry; just can't do it. Black suit it is:

I'm still debating the Korean thing of wearing nude/tan hose with a black skirt...


Anonymous said...

Smart looking blazer/skirt combo. Is it Korean to wear nude/tan hose with a black skirt? I simply think of it as being more summer and thicker, colored stockings as more autumn.

Anonymity said...

Well, the only reason why I'm wearing the thicker black leggings in this picture (as opposed to black hose) is because I'm down to my last pair of black hose and I'm saving them for interview day. I haven't been able to find black hose here (although I have only looked in my neighborhood). Black tights and leggings, yes... hose, not so much. I'm sure I could find some if I looked harder, but to me at least, it seems that nude and tan hose are the hose of choice here.

G said...

I think I've seen black stockings at E-Mart.

You should ask your new co-worker A where she shops. If I recall, she was wearing a really nice black suit on her first day of work.

I like her style of work attire in general: tasteful, not trendy.

Anonymity said...

I'll have to look in E-mart again. I don't think I've checked there since winter. I did check in Lotte Mart this weekend, and only saw nude/tan.

I really like A's style, too. definitely more appropriate than some of the others!