Monday, June 27, 2011

Becoming a Big Purse Lady

In my obsessive planning and preparation for my upcoming job interview, I went to my favorite accessories store to purchase a little black purse. (BTW, they have the photo I gave them on display in their store!) I have far too many purses as it is, although none were either black or professional looking. This was what I got:


Unfortunately, it was only after making my purchase (no worries; it was super-cheap) that it occurred to me that if I wanted to bring along presentable looking copies of the texts that I'd edited, I was going to need something a little bigger. The only way I could transport texts printed on A4 in that little thing would be if I folded them up into little squares. Hardly professional.

During a lull in yesterday's rain, I popped over to Lotte Mart to find something a little more suitable. (All the purses at "my" accessories store are too small.) Now, I've never been one of those women who carry big purses... so this is definitely a first:


Charlie finds it fascinating. I'm guessing it smells a bit like dead cow.


Your library friend said...

I can't help it. I've started carrying around big purses just so I can have a small umbrella stashed with me wherever I go. I also have a really big wallet that I can't bear to replace - leather with a corduroy cat on it. Will send a pic to you on facebook when I think of it.

Anonymity said...

I do enjoy being able to carry all sorts of crap with me... although I "lost" my ipod inside my big purse, and had several minutes of panic until I found it, buried within its cavernous folds.

Mario said...

Is there some kind of subculture among women that goes right over the heads of we men: namely, women "who carry big purses"? Can you give some kind of anthropological abstract? Other than the purse, what are the characteristics of their tribe?

Anonymity said...

I think it's just something that happens to women as we get older... The challenge is not stuffing too much crap into your huge purse, just because you can.