Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bay Area Renaissance Festival 2014

Yesterday I went, with my father and brother, to the Bay Area Renaissance Festival in Tampa. We went together last year, although apparently I didn't blog about it. Last year, I discovered (and rather fell in love with) Sirena, the best act of the faire in my opinion. They put on a performance within five minutes of our arrival at the faire, and it was excellent. Seriously, they were the main reason I wanted to attend and their performance alone was worth the price of admission. I took a bunch of photos of them, as well as a few short video clips (below) - if you like that sort of thing, I definitely recommend buying their albums.

 photo renfaire1_zps71cb073d.jpg

 photo renfaire3_zpsc807d6b8.jpg

 photo renfaire2_zpsbf0b1916.jpg

Sirena might have been my favorite performance, but they weren't the only one I enjoyed. Below are a few photos and videos from other acts that I enjoyed:

 photo renfaire12_zpsd870cd72.jpg

 photo renfaire11_zpsc9b4c8bd.jpg


 photo renfaire8_zps144ff909.jpg
The Bawdy Boys

The Bawdy Boys

 photo renfaire9_zps40b4487a.jpg
Demzarah Gypsies

Demzarah Gypsies

Of course, one of the best things about any renfaire is the opportunity for people watching:

 photo renfaire7_zpse0e994d9.jpg

 photo renfaire5_zpsf98722ad.jpg

 photo renfaire6_zpsda3554a6.jpg

 photo renfaire13_zpsb2a26b2c.jpg
My brother and I

 photo renfaire4_zps7b6c7993.jpg
My brother in the stocks.

 photo renfaire10_zps7c4e4f69.jpg
I like posing with trees.

Lastly, remember Molly, the Christmas Puppy that my dad adopted?
 photo molly1_zpscf623c4a.jpg
She's gotten a lot bigger! She's full of energy and incredibly sweet.

Watch Molly playing :-)

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