Saturday, March 22, 2014

visits, springs, and things

Melissa, my friend and landlord (who lives in CA) was in town this weekend with her kids. Two of our childhood friends were in the area as well, so we all met up:

 photo visit5_zps29441c29.jpg
Melissa and her two adorable children, Madeline and Miriam

 photo visit2_zps4e2856b9.jpg
Me with the kids :-)

 photo visit3_zps03b2424d.jpg
Chris visits with Miriam and Melissa

 photo visit1_zpsa52c86ca.jpg
And we added a second Melissa to the mix:
Melissa, Miriam, Chris, Madeline, and Melissa

The two Melissas had to head out around 2pm. After they left, Chris and I decided to visit some local springs and historic sites. First we went to Gemini Springs Park, which was really quite lovely. Swimming is prohibited, although pets are allowed AND they have an off-leash dog park section. I wish I'd known; I'd have brought Mochi.

 photo gs6_zps60c7320b.jpg
There might be a reason why swimming is prohibited...

 photo gs5_zps7eaa97d4.jpg
Hello, buddy!

 photo gs2_zps5bdf7977.jpg
There were many trails through huge old growth oaks, just dripping with Spanish moss.

 photo gs8_zps23871126.jpg

 photo gs7_zpsb690085c.jpg
This was actually *very* comfortable!

We left Gemini Springs and drove to Green Springs Park. It wasn't quite as picturesque as Gemini Springs, but it was still quite nice. It was another place in which swimming was prohibited, although the spring hole was filled with teens happily ignoring that directive. They were also repeatedly climbing up very tall trees and plunging a great distance into the water below. Safety first!

 photo ogs3_zps4f44dc01.jpg
The guy in the black pants has just jumped.

 photo ogs2_zps740a6755.jpg
Chris (not preparing to jump) on a tree on the far side of the spring.

 photo dbh2_zps29ba664a.jpg
Then we drove to DeBary Hall

 photo dbh1_zps648dd47f.jpg
Unfortunately, it was around 5:30pm, and the place had closed for the day. We were still able to explore outside though.

 photo gt3_zpseb1aed53.jpg
Driving back to Orlando through Sanford, we spotted this large building and stopped to check it out. It turned out to be the old Georgetown school.

 photo gt1_zps42a97f98.jpg

 photo gt2_zpsf93f8e75.jpg

Our last stop of the day was at Big Tree Park. The park used to be the location of a 3500 year old bald cypress tree nicknamed 'The Senator' that was 118 feet tall. It was, sadly, destroyed by arson in 2012. Below are some pictures of me, Chris, Melissa, and her husband Alex visiting The Senator in 2006. Under that is a picture of it today.

 photo tree2006_zps9febd90a.jpg
Poorly made snapshots of snapshots.
At least you can see the tree.

 photo btp2_zpse0f1cff3.jpg
What remains of The Senator.
To read about his sad demise, click here.

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