Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mostly a good day. Not all, but mostly.

Today was mostly a good day. If I hadn't realized at about 9pm that I'd neglected to check the mail, I'd have gone to bed feeling content, instead pacing around my house ranting crankily.

I had a really nice lunch with T, a friend of mine from undergrad (who already has his PhD and is teaching - albeit in a different department from mine at the university I'll be attending as of Monday). I hadn't actually spoken to him (other than facebook) since graduation in 2001 (god, we're old), so it was really nice to catch up.

Now, do you recall my obsession with the Daewoo Matiz / Chevy Spark? Well, it is finally going on sale here in the US and I so very much want one. I'm a tad hindered by the fact that my income is teeny-tiny, so I shan't be buying one any time soon. That being said... the Chevy dealer down the road from my house is having a drawing to give away a free, lime green Chevy Spark. I totally went down to the dealer after lunch this afternoon and registered. The free car is probably an automatic, but if I were to get a free car, I wouldn't quibble. Here's hoping I win!

And here's hoping all that tacky shite comes off the poor thing.

After registering to win the car, I drove over to Winter Park to check out the Lacomka Bakery and Deli - a Russian deli, grocery, and restaurant. I was specifically on a quest for chechil (чечил), but unfortunately they don't carry it :( They did, however, have suluguni (сулугуни), a delicious Georgian cheese, so I came away happy, even if they didn't have what I wanted. I'll need to go in sometime when I haven't just eaten lunch to check out their restaurant.

Now... remember back in June when Mama Cat thought Mochi was attacking her, and accidentally sliced open my face as a result, requiring me to get four stitches? Just four. Only four. Yeah. Well in July I got a bill for $650. I thought $160/stitch was a tad steep, but my mom paid the bill for me... Then tonight I went out to check the mail and discovered a bill for $1177!! You know, in addition to the previous $650. We're now up to $450/stitch which is completely ridiculous. Not to mention something I can't exactly afford to pay. Despite my part time jobs, that amounts to a good tenth of my annual salary. What the hell?

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