Friday, February 3, 2012

Traveling From Korea With Pets: Booking Update

If you've read my depiction of my horrific experience booking Charlie and Mochi on my flight home, you're aware that the last Delta representative I spoke with told me that there was no way that Delta could provide me with written/emailed confirmation that my animals were booked for the flight. I just had to take his word for it. This morning, I logged into my account on and whaddyaknow:


Thank goodness they're both listed for both legs of the trip... but seriously "There is no way for us to give you written confirmation"? It's on! Sheesh. 


John from Daejeon said...

You might want to write a couple of actual complaint letters/e-mails to the President and CEO (and maybe the VP of the complaint department) at Delta about your experience.

Physical letters sometimes work wonders when they get into the right hands as these big wigs are too high up to ever really hear about the problems that the average consumer faces when dealing the their company's bureaucracy and ill-mannered employees. If they never hear of these problems, how are they to fix them or fire their problem employees?

After you inform them of the problem nicely, you can end your letters stating that you eagerly await their replies as you want their side of the story before you set the Twitterverse and blogosphere afire documenting your horrible experiences at the hands of the dog and cat haters working there at Delta.

Who knows, they might even discount your pets travel or even comp it.

Anonymity said...

Oh I'm definitely working on a letter of complaint. I actually want to wait until after the trip. In case (god forbid) anything else goes wrong.