Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to keep your dog from snacking out of the litter box

It took a few weeks, but Mochi - like most dogs - eventually discovered the tasty snacks in the covered pink box next to the fridge. Yeah. The dog was snacking on cat shit straight out of the litter box.  Yuck. The solution, suggested by my friend G:

That's the litter box on top of Mochi's crate. I wasn't sure that Charlie would be willing to jump up there to use it, but luckily for me...




Fred Kilgallin said...

I bet your dog will eventually jump up there to use it as well. I mean, I hope it works, I really do, but cat shit is a powerful motivator for dogs. I had a world of problems keeping my dogs out of it. You've surely experienced this before, given the number of cats and dogs you've had in various places at various times...?

Anonymity said...

Luckily for me, Mochi has VERY short legs, combined with a long body. He's just not built for jumping up onto things. He can't jump up on the bed, and this is higher. It certainly wouldn't work for bigger dogs (or little ones that are better-proportioned for jumping), but I think I've found a solution that works for us.

Foreigner Joy said...