Saturday, February 11, 2012

Brin is Back!!!!

Brin is back!!! My mom's dog, who went missing nearly two weeks ago, is back!! I'm so happy to wake up to such wonderful news, that I just can't stop over-using exclamation points!! He was picked up by animal control about a mile from home, and is now happily back on his couch. :-)


Burndog said...

Hooray for Brin!!! A mile from home? That's a long walk for a little dog, I bet he's happy to be home! I'm glad that they found him though, we had a dog go missing was a horribly stressful experience ㅠ.ㅠ

Anonymity said...

No, no, Brin's a big boy (pit/lab mix), and a mile isn't all that far for him - still I'm relieved he's home. Someone had to have had him inside or tied up... he loves to escape, but he's never gone more than an hour at most. (And he really would've had to have been tied or inside somewhere; I've seen him climb out of a 10ft high dog pen - normal fences aren't even a challenge.) And given the tendency of people in that part of the US to shoot stray dogs, we weren't too hopeful. So glad he's back - now he can meet Mochi when we get home next month.

Burndog said...

I see! Sorry, I had a bit of a brain fart, and was looking at the picture of Mochi while I was typing and forgot that dogs aren't all Mochi!

We used to have German Shepherds when I was a lad, and they LOVED to escape...LOVED it! They would usually just dig or jump out, and then sniff half a dozen trees, try and get some pats from people they didn't know, and then see what the front of the house looked like! Cheeky things!

People shoot stray dogs? WTF is wrong with people? That's sick.

Anonymity said...

In that part of the country there are a lot of ignorant people with guns. :-( Few people spay/neuter their pets, so the area is over-run with unwanted animals, and local animal control is at maximum capacity pretty much all the time. When I worked at the animal shelter and would tell people that we didn't have room at the moment, it was very common that the response would be "well I'll just shoot it then" - sadly a lot of them were serious. I've found way too many dead dogs with bullet holes. And then there was the asshole who shot my cat.... The American South is a scary place.