Friday, September 13, 2013

Florida Springs: Wekiwa Springs, Apopka, FL

The two closest springs to Orlando are Blue Spring and Wekiwa Springs. I went to Blue Spring last week, so this week I drove over to Apopka to visit Wekiwa Springs. I’ve been to Wekiwa before, but not since 2007. The park tends to fill up on the weekends (you’ll be denied entry if the park is full), but if you go in the morning on a weekday (especially during the school year) it’s not crowded at all. Unfortunately, if you get there around 10:30-11:00 the light is in exactly the wrong spot for getting really quality spring pictures (sigh) although if you want pictures with few people in the spring, it’s the perfect time. Kind of a mixed blessing.

 photo wek1_zps5bff2dec.jpg
 photo wek4_zps70c6b13f.jpg
 photo wek2_zpsa3874b78.jpg
 photo wek3_zps46ce8737.jpg

Unlike Blue Spring, at Wekiwa Springs you can walk right up to the spring head; however, unlike Blue Spring (which is still in its natural state), the spring head at Wekiwa is surrounded by a man-made wall. (Many of Florida’s springs were enclosed in such structures in the early 1900s.)

 photo wek11_zps3d7b935a.jpg

While I didn’t have much luck photographing the springs, I did get some pretty nice insect and animal photographs while hiking the two miles to Sand Lake and back. Of course, Sand Lake itself was pretty underwhelming and not exactly worth the effort (especially when you can drive there instead of hoofing it for four miles).

 photo wek5_zpsd20a1b6f.jpg

 photo wek6_zps588c6b1b.jpg

 photo wek7_zpsb2b925b7.jpg
Grasshopper sex.

 photo wek10_zps91a328f7.jpg

 photo wek9_zps60899a4b.jpg

 photo wek8_zps2c6a8b5c.jpg
Sand Lake, rather underwhelming.

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