Thursday, September 13, 2012

This makes me so very happy!

As an animal lover and rescuer, I see so much that causes me to lose more and more faith in humanity. Every time I see an abused, beaten, starved, injured, or simply unwanted animal dumped on the side of the road, or out in the middle of nowhere, or at a place like this, my belief that humanity is simply abysmal grows stronger. But every now and then something happens to remind me that we aren't all bad (I mean, apparently I'm human, so we can't all be terrible).

Remember Sammy, the little black puppy that I found on the side of the road back in July? Well, the vet had told me that they were probably going to be small dogs (Chihuahua type). I started corresponding with a woman who was interested in getting a second Chihuahua, and she decided she wanted Sammy. By the time we met up, Sammy was showing signs of being more Lab than Chihuahua. (I had started referring to her as a Chihuabrador.) I was terribly worried that the adoption would fall through on account of Sammy's size, but it didn't. And today I received the following email and photo from Sammy's wonderful adopted mom:


"Here is a picture of Sammy. She is 16lbs now. She is healthy and doing great. We love her so much. We have taught her how to sit, shake, give high five, and she's learning to lie down. Our other dog still doesn't like her very much, but Sammy loves her - especially Pepper's bed. She constantly makes us laugh. She has so much personality. Thank you again for saving this dog!!"

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