Sunday, September 9, 2012

an unproductive week

You might have thought from the lack of blog posts around here that perhaps I was really busy. In reality, I spent most of the week in bed. I wasn't majorly sick or anything (and I did make it to both of my in-person classes and was able to keep up with my work online), just headachy, achy, and malaise-y. The headache was actually gone yesterday... but it reappeared this evening. No, this isn't anything new - it's something I've been dealing with most of my life. Yay, chronic headaches. 

So short story long, I did very little that could be deemed blog-worthy this week. That being said, I've been slowly adding more to The Inhumane Society. I've posted the first 45 of the 70 pages I've written so far. Check it out! I can't promise it will be a pleasant read, but it is, at least, interesting...


John from Daejeon said...

I like what I've read so far. With all those animal lovers out there, you might make a few dollars and open some eyes while at it.

While it really pisses me off, substitute cats and dogs for children and you'll get a feel for the child welfare system. Probably the main reason, I had such trouble coping over the years as a teacher in the public school system, but even here in South Korea, I've come across it much too often.

Annie Nimity said...

I think that in any charity or public service sector where people have the ability to tug on others' heartstrings for the purpose of raising money there will be scam artists. For every organization that actually helps a group, it sadly seems that there's an organization that exists solely to raise money. The Korean hogwan system definitely has its fair share of "school" owners who don't give a rat's ass about education, and who simply want to make money. (That being said, there are definitely good hogwans out there!)