Friday, September 14, 2012

Downey Dog Park update #2

The dog park has re-opened. I'm not sure that this is public knowledge though, as we were there at 4pm on a Friday (typically a popular dog-park time), and Mochi and I were the only ones there (other than some rather brazen squirrels). There are, however, a few kinks in the system that still need to be worked out. For one thing, when you enter through the main Lake Downey Park entrance on Flowers Avenue, there are still two very large signs - one which says 'No Pets' and another which says that the entrance to the dog park is over on East Colonial. However, as I mentioned the other day, the entrance to the dog park has moved to inside the main Lake Downey Park... somebody just forgot to change out the signs. Note: you can also park in the original dog park parking lot, and walk to the corner of Colonial and Dean where there is a pedestrian entrance into the park if you don't want to drive all the way around to Flowers Ave.

The new entrance is to the north-west of the volleyball court.

Even parking as close as one can get to the dog park (over by the skate park area), one still has to walk one's dog quite a ways through the picnicking area of Lake Downey Park. I wonder if the relocation of the dog-park gate signals that soon the ban on pets in the other parts of the park will be lifted? As it is, there will definitely be doggies walking around the northern part of the picnicking area.

That's my car as seen from the new gate to the dog park. That's a long stretch of 'no pets allowed' park we're all going to be walking through!

Additionally, there is now a new 'small dog' section over on the west side of the park next to the skate park. Like the original small dog section, it can be entered directly through the new entrance - and unfortunately, like the original, it doesn't have a doggy water fountain. Oddly enough the original small dog section still exists; however, it can only be reached by walking your small dog through the entire length of the large dog section - so I'm guessing  it's not going to get much use.

The squirrels in the park today were behaving quite absurdly.
This one kept teasing Mochi.

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