Friday, August 5, 2011

How to not attend a festival

In a large "outdoor museum" (a park with many historic buildings and reenactors) south of Kiev, a three day festival of traditional Ukrainian folk life is currently being held. Today was day one. I looked at the transportation information on the website... and wrote down some of it. There were *several* options of various metro stations where one could catch different buses, trolleybuses, and/or marshrutki to reach the park. For some damn fool reason, I chose one combination of metro station and trolleybus, which I wrote down and stuffed into my bag. I neglected to write down any other possible methods of transport - or the name of my destination. I arrived at the appropriate metro station, and could not for the life of me locate the appropriate trolleybus. When I asked a couple people, they invariably asked me where I was trying to go... that was, of course, when I noticed that I had neglected to write down the name of my destination. Sigh.

So then, knowing that I needed to head south, and remembering that wherever it was I was headed began with a П (that's a Cyrillic P), I got on a bus heading south to a place starting with П. Not surprisingly, it was not at all the correct location. However, I got an interesting tour of southern Kiev and its suburbs from the bus... which went all the way out to the
Imperial Tobacco Factory before kicking me off. There wasn't anything much else out there, other than some dachas, numerous stray dogs, and a narrow road with a sign saying "Храм .8" with an arrow and a picture of an onion dome. Храм means church, and while I am not at all religious, I do enjoy a good onion dome. And so I walked .8km down a narrow road to a rather underwhelming, brand new wooden church. Not much to see, but the weather was wonderful and the air was fresh... then I walked back to the bus stop just in time to catch the bus back into Kiev.

Sure, I'll walk .8km down this road.

It had some decent flowers to photograph.

The church wasn't so interesting. This was its best angle. Once I could actually see the whole thing, I didn't find it particularly attractive. Ahh well.

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