Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Tuesday in the life

* Get up. Feed Charlie and Mochi. Clean litter box, put out new pee pads, walk Mochi, eat breakfast.
* Go to mom's house. Check email/facebook. Collect Lady (elderly hound) and Grey Kitty (self explanatory), take them to the vet for injections of Depo-Medrol, a corticosteroid to treat their chronic mouth ulcers.


* Return Lady and Grey Kitty to mom's, collect Brin (pit bull), and drive out to the land.
* Stop on the way to rescue suicidal turtle from the middle of the road.


* Arrive at the land. Feed horses, cats, and kittens. Pump water. Clean kittens' litter boxes and sweep kitten room. Play with kittens. Discover that we are almost out of kitten chow.

* Move large trunk from the Spartan (trailer) to my car. Move roofing tar and paper from my car into the Spartan. Decide it's too hot to start roofing. Leave.
* Drop Brin off at mom's. Check email/facebook. Go to Kroger and bought kitten chow.
* Return to my house. Unload large trunk. Walk Mochi. Eat lunch.
* Drive to Alma to photograph the super awesome retro ATM and the few other photogenic things in Alma.

Alma Exchange Bank 24 Hour ATM

Local theater. (Alma is in Bacon county.)

Old Hotel Alma. People live here.

* Return home. Edit photos.
* Siesta.
* (Were this a normal Tuesday, late afternoon would have been spent at the local therapeutic riding center. Their schedule was odd this week, so I went on Monday instead.) 
* Eat dinner. Walk Mochi.
* Go to mom's. Check email/facebook. Post blog.

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