Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cat litter I DON'T recommend

 photo terriblecatlitter_zpsb7cf683e.jpg

This stuff is TERRIBLE. I normally buy WalMart's Special Kitty clumping cat litter, as it's the cheapest clumping litter out there. And it actually works pretty well. The day I ran out of my last box of Special Kitty clumping litter, WalMart was out of it as well. This was the next cheapest available, and it's Arm & Hammer, folks you'd think would know what they're doing as far as odor control goes. Plus the whole damn box is covered with statements about how superfantastic it is at removing odor from the litter box. I call bullshit. This stuff does NOTHING to remove or reduce odor, plus it is scented. HEAVILY scented. With something that smells rather strongly like that granulated stuff they used to pour on kids' vomit back when I was in elementary school. I have the litter box in my bedroom, meaning that my bedroom now reeks. Charlie goes into the litter box and comes out smelling like this stuff. I'd rather she came out smelling like cat shit, because it would be an improvement. Plus, it does not do a damn thing to cover up the smell of cat pee. It just smells like cat pee mixed with this god awful excuse for a "fragrance." At least it does clump. I've been trying to save money, so I figure I should use the box up before buying something else, but I'm not sure how much more of this I can take. Buy at your own peril!

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